Victoria BC Travel Guide

You have made up your mind to come visit Victoria B.C. Canada, a world premier destination. Congratulations, you have made one of the best choices for your vacation. Victoria ranks up there with top international destinations because of its unique geography, services and attractions. This guide will assist you in making your trip streamlined, organized and help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of visiting this beautiful garden city.

Parliament Buildings

These guidelines have been compiled from local sources that have already done the work for you by visiting and procuring services from the mentioned establishments. This document is completely independent of any of the business mentioned in this guide. Any advertising seen was solicited after this document was made.

The main purpose of this guide is to give you the power to make more informed choices when Visiting Victoria BC. There are so many things to do and your vacation time is valuable, you will need to sort through the hype and get to the true description of establishments you are going to visit. Perhaps you have specific dietary requirements and require a vegetarian restaurant. Maybe a nice cozy family restaurant will suit you better. Do you want a truly fine dinning experience, or do you just need directions to your favorite fast food outlet.

If you are on a budget you will appreciate our insider information on stretching your vacation dollar. If you have a creative and open mind Victoria BC can be a very inexpensive vacation option. On the other hand, maybe price is not an option for you. If your objective is to just have the best time possible with your friends or loved ones, you will appreciate the information in this Victoria BC Travel Guide.

This You Tube video has images of various landmarks and nature in and around Victoria BC.

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