Where to stay in Victoria BC

Most likely when you Visit Victoria BC you will need somewhere to stay. Victoria has many different accommodation options, and can be a little overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Victoria BC Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Motel or Hostel, we explore these options in more detail. Also, See our article on Victoria BC Hotels in the Inner Harbour.

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We have one of the best selection of hotels including one of our landmarks, The Fairmont Empress Hotel. We are going to spend a little time with this hotel not just because your stay there would be memorable, but it also doubles as one of Victoria’s premier icons.

The Fairmont Empress Hotel is not just another hotel, in fact it is part of the Victoria BC Experience. If you are not going to stay at The Fairmont Empress Hotel, you need to at least walk through it and enjoy its period architecture, unique shops and galleries.

The Empress was finished being built in 1908, designed by Francis Rattenbury (who also designed the Parliament Buildings) in the Edwardian style. The hotels original intent was to serve the Canadian Pacific Steamship Lines’ passengers that were arriving in Victoria. These would be well to do business people, socialites, royalty and anyone who was anyone.

Over the years suggestions to tear down the building in favor of a more modern building were rejected. It became overwhelmingly clear that this was no mere building, it was a unique landmark, icon and architectural masterpiece. Tearing this building down would be a haunting regret and Victoria would loose one of its biggest attractions.

Today you can enjoy this hotel as it was enjoyed when first built. Fine dining and genuine English High Tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel is an experience worth savoring. There has been a few additions from its first inception, a conference center and indoor pool has been added.

Rooms will be around $300.00 a night and afternoon tea will cost from $49.00.

Generally rates in other hotels around Victoria can start from $100.00 per night and go on up from there.

Our recommendation

For a truly first class experience we recommend these hotels:

Map of Victoria BC Recommended Hotels

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Economy accommodation, we have plenty of them, they generally start around 60.00 a night, in the off season can be a little cheaper.

Our recommendation:

APaul's Motor Inn, inexpensive and right downtown.

BSurf Motel, right on the coast, walk to downtown.

Map of Victoria BC Recommended Motels

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Bed & Breakfast

Victoria has a lot to choose from. Quaint, quiet, friendly hosts come to mind. These will not be your standard bleak hotel or motel room, definitely an accommodation experience that will provide a vivid memory. As far as we are concerned all the B&B’s are good, we’ll give you a couple of recommendations that are close to downtown.

Our recommendation:

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Victoria is party to a few of those famous backpacker inns. The establishments are very inexpensive and suited to younger, solo or couple travelers. Though you can get a private room, the most cost effective means is to take the dorm style arrangements. People who cater these establishments are generally looking for a larger group experience, making friends along the way.

Our recommendation:

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Swap & Rentals

House swapping

Over the past several years it has become more commonplace for budget minded travelers to find other like minded people and swap the use of each other houses for short or extended periods of time. Here are a few links that feature this option.




There are many properties available to rent, especially appealing to larger families who are traveling together or travelers looking for a more homier experience. These properties are comparable to hotel room rates and can be an economical option for larger families.

Here are some sites of interest.




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