Best Victoria BC Restaurants

Hungry? Being a coastal town we have an abundance of seafood available at many establishments. Victoria is also a very culturally diverse city, you will find a wide variety of ethnic culinary delights ranging from Chinese to East Indian to Ethiopian. Due to the high density and diversity of restaurants in Victoria, its hard to mention all the Victoria BC restaurants, best ones of course. So here a few guaranteed to please.

Victoria BC Fine Dining

Here is a more complete list of Victoria BC Fine Dining establishments.

Victoria BC Ethnic Restaurants
Spice Jammer

Here is a more complete list of Victoria BC Ethnic Restaurants.

Victoria BC Family Restaurants

Here is a more complete list of Victoria BC Family Restaurants.

Victoria BC Fast Food
Downtown there is a McDonald's, a few Subway locations and for a wide, convenient variety go to the top floor of the Bay Center and take advantage of their food court.
Bay Center

Here is a more complete list of Victoria BC Fast Food outlets.

Victoria BC Vegetarian Restaurants
Lotus Pond Vegetarian Restaurant

Victoria BC Grocery Stores
Just need some regular consumable goods, fresh meat or vegetables that you can cook up yourself? We have 2 down town grocery stores and a few convenience stores, Thrifty Foods in James Bay, Market on Yates and for a good variety of Asian goods and vegetables take a stroll down China town.
Thrifty Foods
Market on Yates
China Town

Map of Victoria BC's Best Restaurants

So we got the basics down. We now know how to get to Victoria, where to stay and where to get something to eat. I believe it is safe to assume we can start getting into the fun stuff, the reason why you are coming to this world class city.

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