Best Victoria BC Best Attractions and Points of Interest

There is so many different Things to Do in Victoria BC and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where you are going to spend your vacation dollars. Relax, you are in good hands, you are about to get the best information for all the highly rated Top Attractions that will ensure a positive experience

Best Attractions

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens. This is the premier and Best Victoria BC Attraction. Beautiful flowers and plants on meandering paths takes you to several garden styles over many, many acres. There is a bandstand that features live entertainment and every Saturday night during the summer you can see The Butchart Gardens Fireworks. The beauty must be experienced.
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Royal BC Museum. Explore B.C.'s natural and human history displayed in detailed exhibits, some to scale and some full sized recreations. Unique artifacts and major touring exhibits adorn the halls. Definitely one of the better museums in Canada. Read our Royal BC Museum Review.

Whale Watching in Victoria BC. If you have never gone, you have to go. These magnificent animals beauty and grace are a sight to behold. Watch them as they spy hop, breach or just swim along. We have several pods of killer whales native to the area and most whale watching charter services guarantee you will see whales. Visit our directory of Victoria BC Whale Watching Companies.

Beacon Hill Park. Take an afternoon and explore this large urban park that features the Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo, large playground and 2 small water parks for the kids. Meander along the indigenous plant and flower lined paths over stone bridges and beside duck ponds. View herons and eagles as they perch in the high trees. A mild hike up to the top of Beacon Hill will provide a great panoramic view of the coastline and the Olympic Mountain range. Walk down the hill to the coast and explore the easily accessible beaches and coves. All this, for a mere 10 minute walk from downtown Victoria.
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Good Attractions

Craigdarroch Castle. A Victorian era castle almost fully restored to its original glory. Take a step back in time and see how they lived. The castle is adorned with many period artifacts as well as numerous art works and large stained glass creations.
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Greater Victoria Art Gallery. Many exhibits passing through as well as permanent ones. Emily Carr(one of the famous group of seven) is on permanent display.

Victoria BC Legislature. Free admission, guided or self guided tours. Unique architecture, large murals, stained glass and rich with history.

Victoria BC Carriage Tours. Guided horse drawn carriages will take you on tour through the tourist area and beacon hill park. A class act all the way. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sites.

Kabuki Cabs. Bicycle powered cab service and personalized down to earth guided tours. These tri wheeled cabs will take you anywhere you want to go and for a good price. We recommend if you are traveling alone or with 1 other this can be a lot of fun and educational.

Victoria BC IMAX Theater. Right beside the Royal BC Museum. Wide screen, array of shows, great way to get entertained for a couple of hours.

Attraction Maps

Maps of Victoria BC Attractions

AButchart Gardens

Royal BC Museum

Beacon Hill Park

Craigdarroch Castle

Victoria Art Gallery

Victoria Legislature

Victoria Carriage Tours

IMAX Theater

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