Victoria BC Hiking, Parks, Camping and Other Outdoor Activities

Victoria’s natural beauty, rugged backdrop and easy access to it, provides a gateway to almost countless opportunities for hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, bungee jumping, marine safari's and much more.

Local Walks

If your just looking to stretch your legs or a leisurely stroll, we would invite you to take a walk down the Songhees Walkway or along Dallas Rd. Beacon Hill Park.

The Songhees Walkway starts at the Johnson St. Bridge and winds its way along the harbor to Head St. in Esquimalt. The walk there and back will take you well over an hour. You will be privy to close up views of the float planes arriving and departing, all manner of sea faring vessel and a unique awe inspiring city scape like no other on earth.

Dallas Road. You can spend a good couple of hours walking along Victoria BC's Dallas Rd. Walk from the breakwater (a concrete marine divider that stretches out almost a kilometer into the harbor that you can walk on too), to Ross Bay cemetery along a paved path. Stunning views of Jaun De Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains to rocky coves and beaches awaiting your exploration are the highlights of this walkway.


Map of Victoria BC Songhees and Dallas Rd. Walkway

Songhees Walkway

Dallas Road


Are you looking for something a little more vigorous to get the heart pumping? Here are a few places that will take up a good part of the day and are easy to get to.

Beaver and Elk lake. Walk the 10 kilometer loop around these conjoined lakes and see all types of water fowl and lush green forest.

Witty's Lagoon. A trail through the forest that leads past Sitting Lady Falls and winds along a lagoon and out to a sandy spit. The walk to the beach is easy and about 30 minutes, but the walk back is mostly uphill and you will work up a bit of a sweat.

Mt. Finlayson. Warning, this hike is not for the faint of heart, you need to be in good physical shape to hike this. For the avid hiker or naturalist this is one of Victoria’s premier mountains to hike. Only 20 minutes from downtown Victoria BC, it is the jewel of Goldstream Park. The hike goes from sea level to about 475 meters up steep marked trails, some scrambling is involved, and can take 1 hour to summit. Stunning views of southern Vancouver Island, wildlife, ancient rain forest and wild flowers. Read our in depth article about Mt. Finlayson.

Mystic Beach. Your gateway to the Juan De Fuca trail (see next section), but also a great memorable day hike. 45 minute drive from downtown Victoria and a 45 minute walk to the beach. Walk through ancient rain forest, over a suspension bridge and down a staircase made out of a single whole log. Once you are at the beach you will see waterfalls pouring into the ocean, majestic views of Jaun De Fuca Strait and natural caves to explore. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy this magical spot.

Beaver and Elk lake

Witty's Lagoon

Mt. Finlayson

Mystic Beach


We are excited to bring to your attention two major world renowned trails available on Vancouver Island. The West Coast Trail and the Juan De Fuca Trial respectively. You can hike part of the trail or all of it. For these trails you need to be in good physical shape and mentally prepared for a grueling trek.

The West Coast Trail. Canada's premier hiking trail will take you 6-8 days along the west coast of British Columbia's Vancouver Island. You will trek along the rugged coast line and through ancient rain forests. You conquer 70 ladders, 130 bridges, 4 cable cars and 1 ferry to complete this trek.

Admission to this park is allocated and you should reserve. Standby could be a 2-3 day wait. It costs $140.00 per person plus a $25.00 registration fee. Here are some links to help you with your arrangements.

The Juan De Fuca Marine Trail. Definitely a step down from its big brother the West Coast Trail but none the less adventurous. The trail will take you along 47 km of rugged coastline along beaches, estuaries, tidal pools and ancient rain forests. The cost is $6.00 per person per night. Check these sites for further information.


Victoria BC Camping.

Victoria and Vancouver Island in general is full of camping opportunities. Due to Victoria's mild climate the camping season is a little longer, you can comfortably tent camp from April to October. Or, if you have an RV or trailer we also have many spots to accommodate you.

Victoria BC area Campsites

Goldstream Park,
French Beach,
Bamberton Park,

Beyond Victoria Campsites worth staying at.

Ruckle Park, Salt Spring Island,
Long Beach, Green Point,

Here are a couple of places you can park you rv/trailer in Victoria BC

West Bay Marina,
Fort Victoria RV park,

Here is a more complete list of Victoria BC Campsites.

Other Adventures

Long Beach. When looking for Eco Tourism opportunities, this is your Mecca. Explore the the rugged west cost and endless sandy beaches, even in peak tourist season it will never feel crowded. Many Eco Tourism based companies that will take you on wildlife safari's. Just a 3-4 hour drive north of Victoria, and what a drive it is.

Don't forget to stop into Cathedral Grove park and see some of the tallest trees in the world.

If you are an avid surfer, you must make your way to long beach and take advantage of the surfing culture that exists there.

Surfing links:

Do you want to take a flying leap off a bridge? Try bungee jumping:

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