What to Expect When in Victoria BC


The best time to come to Victoria BC. Generally the busiest time for Victoria is during the months of July and August. This is when most of the families come when their children are on summer break. During this time sidewalks and streets are a little crowded and the tourist industry is in high gear. If this is the only time available for you to come, then by all means join the masses and partake in all that Victoria has to offer, just because it is busy does not mean will have any less of a good time.

If you can arrange travel options outside of the before mentioned months, especially from April to June and September to November, you will find an un-congested, laid back environment.

The summer is definitely the peak of our tourism season. However the establishments never close down, this is a year round vacation destination city.

Highlights for each season.

Winter. Though Victoria is no stranger to snow, it does not stick around for more than a few weeks tops per year.

Victoria is thoroughly decorated every year in holiday decorations, downtown comes alive with lights, reefs and bows transforming this city into a winter fantasy land.

Spring. Victoria has the unquestionable bragging rights for all of Canada for being the first city to start blooming months before the rest of the country. It is an explosion of flowers. Victoria's streets are lined with cherry blossoms and come alive in a sea of white and pink petals every march. In addition to the cherry blossoms, Victoria being the garden city, all public and private gardens blooming as well.

Summer. Warm, but not hot. It is rare that this town has a sweltering day. Summers are warm and because of her open and spacious public places, you will be comfortable with room to breath.

Fall. Victoria's warm summer is brief, cooler but mild weather comes quick and lasts till late November, early December. You will have plenty of time to explore and relax at your own pace with the absence of the summer throngs.

Living here

Victoria is a city with in excess of 300,000 residents. Victoria's main employers are the provincial government, the military and tourism. Victoria's popularity has created high housing prices (some of the most expensive in Canada). Cost of other consumables are reasonable.

Conclusion. There is much to see and do in Victoria and to explain it all to you would spoil the marvels that await you. We hope this guide was helpful in making some of your activity decisions easier and have kindled a spark of excitement for your impending visit. Take care, and we'll see you soon.

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