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We are committed to bringing you this web site with up to date and useful information to anyone wanting to visit Victoria BC Canada. There is no other web site that focuses more on the tourist trade for the downtown Victoria area than ours. We believe this is the primary interest of the traveler. Accurate, informative and easy to understand information is one of our main goals.

Other web sites are usually bogged down with too much information that is difficult to navigate or the information is mostly provided by paid advertisements. The amount of quality information available on the web is meager for Victoria considering it is a major travel destination.

We understand that lists and directories of local establishments are helpful, but it is not enough. That is why we provide free of charge a travel\survival guide for Victoria BC. In it is outlined from local resources information on the better attractions, the best time to visit, most economical options and all around how to have a more enjoyable, relaxing visit.

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